Dr. Svetlana Masgutova International Institute branch in Wroclaw

We organise stationary courses and individual therapies all year round. If you want to schedule a visit please contact us at (+48) 71 338-02-16,  502-658-977 or by email: wroclaw@masgu.com

The details of the courses can be found at the “Wroclaw-courses” bookmark

The branch also offers individual therapies developed by dr Swietlana Masgutova:

  • Neurostructural Therapy
  • Repatterning
  • The Archetypes of Motor Development
  • Integration of Facial Reflexes
  • Integration of Visual and Auditory Reflexes
  • NeuroTactile Therapy
  • Terapia NeuroTaktylna

Our MNRI® Specialists

Brodowska Estera

Skiba Elżbieta

Contact data:

Pretficza 54D/1 Street, 53-407 Wroclaw, Tel: (+48) 71 338-02-16, Mobile: (+48) 502-658-977

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