The neurosensorimotor integration programme is aimed at people with disorders of psycho-motor development in order to help them improve physical functioning and cognitive development. The goal of the programme is to support the process of reflex integration as part of the neurosensorimotor system. This type of integration is based on principles of neuro-physiology and neuro-development, necessary for optimal functioning of the motor skills (gross and fine) facilitating the forming of mental processes, behavioural habits and communication, learning and general development.

The MNRI ® Programme comprises of two main components:

– diagnosis of primary movement and reflex patterns;
– improving and integration of primary movement and reflex integration system.

The Programme is based on the concept of improving distorted reflex patterns that are preventing the proper development of the consciously controlled motor skills of a child or an adult and is aimed at the following levels of integration:

Sensorimotor – in order to secure proper neurological functioning as part of a specific reflex arc.

  • Reflex patterns with intentional motor skills;
  • Reflex patterns with habitual motor skills;
  • The motor sphere and cognitive processes.

The program MNRI® officially supported by the following institutions:

The main concept of the programme: primary movement system represents natural, genetically programmed inner resources of a human being.

The integration of reflex patterns targets three aspects of the reflex arc:

  • Sensory stimulation (sensual) and recognizing the stimuli by the sensory system,
  • Processing information in the brain – recognizing the stimuli by the brain as defensive, requiring protection or facilitating development,
  • Motor reaction (movement) as a feedback reaction of the brain to a sensory stimuli

The process of integrating reflex patterns offers unique possibilities of supporting the process of improving the patient’s condition through activation of genetic memory being the primary movement pattern. The Neurosensorimotor Integration Programme is based on scientific work of dr S. Masgutovą and her colleagues that has been conducted within the last 20 years in Russia, Poland, USA and Canada with 3170 children enrolled in the study age from 1 month to 18 years. All of them were subject to full medical, psychological, educational, neurodevelopmental and reflex integration patterns examinations).

Significant improvements were achieved during work with children on the International Courses for people with developmental challenges organised in Poland, USA and Canada. All of them were based on MNRI programme principles.