Aditi and I thank you for all the arrangements that were made for the camp!
It was very well organized and you were always available to answer our questions and take care of any requirements. I was very impressed by how you co-ordinated with Renata to make sure I had all my questions answered before leaving the camp. 
You are very friendly and cheerful and that made us feel at home right away.  I also have a lot of appreciation for how promptly you responded to my questions on the fund transfers and clarified it, however many times I may have asked.
Overall, the quality of the camp was very good! I was glad to find some vegetarian and gluten free options at lunch. The only suggestion I have is for the shuttle to carry some sign that its headed to Mielno or for the MNRI camp, so first timers like me can locate the shuttle easily. And the sofa bed in Syrena is much better than the actual bed in the room.
Thanks again for taking excellent care of everything before and during the camp!

Vanaja Ravi
California, USA

We have only positive things to say about the camp and especially your efforts in organizing the camp. The only wish for “next time” is that (If possible) we prefer to work with therapists who can communicate in English.

Janne, Hanna and Åsa Pettersson

I work in the coordination of clinical trials world and what I have come to know is that not everyone can coordinate.  You two are exceptional!  You are patient and consistently efficient in giving the clients what they need whiles at the camps.  My only recommendation is that perhaps a payment in the form of a credit card can be made just like the US camps.  Once again thank you both.

Leticia Tetteh

Thank you for your hard work organising the camps this year – I think every camp was excellent and you did really well. The atmosphere was very nice and friendly. Both of you were always very helpful and did your best to meet our needs and also resolve any problems during the camp.

London, United Kingdom


The courses are organised in a professional manner, there is a nice homelike atmosphere. The staff is prepared perfectly. Our son – Michael – has been attending the courses since 2004 and the method proved effective. Michael has greatly improved the visual and motor coordination, the speech improved too as well his overall everyday functioning.

Norbert Drubkowski, Michal`s Dad

I could go on and on about marvellous results of using the MNRI method with my patients – people with challenges and my family. Changes in speech development and personality of my 14 year-old son are enormous. He had been deemed by the traditional system as a person without any chances of further speech and intellectual development. He is now 19 years old. He has been writing for two years now, building relationships with his peers, he is now self-reliant and has got a job. I feel honoured and blessed that I have come across dr S. Masgutova.

Beverly Hunter, President, Turning on the Light Learning Centre,
Kelowna, Canada

Our daughter – Lili – was born at 27 weeks pregnant with a weight of less than 2kg. The doctors diagnosed her with over 20 different conditions (irregular breath, sepsis, reflux and many others). The fact that she survived the first month can be considered a miracle. Because she needed to be connected to life support devices, her development stopped on a level of a one-month child. She had been diagnosed with severe developmental delay. After the first session with the MNRI method her breath became stable and calm. The next day my daughter touched the grass for the first time, learned how to crawl and was even able to stand for a short moment with a bit of help. Lili started making sounds and laugh. To me it was amazing that she laughed for the first time in her life and she laughed for 30 minutes, loud as an adult. Eight months later, at the age of two, she started walking, running and jumping on her own. Eventually, she was able to pronounce 500 words and “read” kids’ stories by herself. The knowledge that dr Masgutova and her colleagues brought me is priceless. We can never be grateful enough for what they have done for us.

Diane and Gary Colonnee,
Arkansas, USA

I personally know and cooperate with many talented therapists. The knowledge and talent of dr S. Masgutova is of highest rank.

Beth Stoddard, MA, Consultant,
Portland, USA

My grandson used to have a severe dyslexia. He was frustrated, reluctant to attend school lessons and hated reading. He had been participating in correcting exercises for years, which cost him a lot of effort but yield no results and had been a huge financial burden for our family. Three sessions with a specialist trained at the MNRI programme by dr S. Masgutova were enough to activate his inner resources: his writing style and grammar improved, he started getting better grades and his attitude towards school improved. His self-confidence increased by 200%!

Harvey H., Superintendent,
Texas, USA

I had been longing for a child and had prepared myself well. Maja was born prematurely – one month too soon. She did not look like other, healthy children. After an MRI scan of the brain I was told that my child has got agenesis of corpus callosum. The doctors said she had no chance of development. They also suggested that therapy would make little difference. One day I found out about the programme by S. Masgutova. Svietlana thoroughly examined Maja’s motor development and started working on her infant reflexes. I was surprised that only after single therapy session Svetlana managed to teach Maja transition from lying on the back to lying on the stomach and sitting. And she did sit! It was all achieved during only a single therapeutic session. Within a month Maja managed to learn how to transition from supine to prone position, then sitting, standing, walking and running. She likes listening to songs and knows how to play drums. She can also show joy and love. The home based programme developed by S. Masgutova gives us huge optimism and confidence in Maja’s future development. A development going far beyond that anticipated by the doctors. Dr Svietlana was the only person who did not tell us what our daughter would not be able to do. She focused on Maja’s inner resources. Sessions with her not only help our child, but are also a form of family therapy for all of us.

Ewa Sablińska,
Maja`s Mom

The method of neurosensorimotor reflex pattern integration, based on research results and clinical observations, proposes specific techniques aimed at reanimation of developmental mechanisms and supporting functioning of the brain. The method developed by dr S. Masgutova is unique and very effective in relation to reflex integration, as opposed to the traditional concept of shutting reflexes down and inhibiting at the right age. The techniques used in dr S. Masgutova’s method can be easily incorporated into the work of occupational therapists, physiotherapists, rehabilitation specialists, neuro-logopedists and others. I have personally experienced the strength of techniques used by her while working with children with brain traumas, nervous system disorders, autism, Asperger’s syndrome and hyperactivity – ADHD and ADD.

Patricia Shakleford, Vice President of PK Concepts, Inc., Dr of Psychology,
Florida, USA

I will continue my education in the programme by dr S. Masgutova due to its uniqueness and high effectiveness. By using her broad experience in educational development and psychology as well as clinical research, she managed to develop a method unique, economical and scientifically well-grounded. Her knowledge as a therapist and a teacher is unique. I am honoured to have the opportunity to learn from her.

Dr Susan Wenberg, MA, DC,
Denver, USA

Our goal is to create a special centre for children with autism, aimed at releasing their developmental resources, where specialists from dr S. Masgutova’s programme could use this wonderful method of reflex integration. We hope our cooperation will be fruitful.

Sherman B. Johnson, MD,
Salt-Lake-City, USA

The work of S. Masgutova gives us a fundamental and pioneer insight into comprehending and utilising reflex patterns aimed at integrating psychology and physiology. As professionals we are all generally aware of the nervous system reflexes phenomenon. Dr S. Masgutova analyses this phenomena on a much higher level, correlating reflex patterns, which we call primitive, with their influence on higher functions, such as coordinated movement, behaviour, speech development. She has helped countless numbers of people and their families suffering from brain traumas, attention deficits, developmental retardation and others. Undoubtedly, her novel techniques will be incorporated into traditional therapies as phenomenal modalities.

Paul G. Curlee, MD, MPH,
Califonia, USA

Different children enrol in our programme, among them those with cerebral palsy, severe deficits in psychosomatic development, autism, ADHD and other conditions usually considered as hopeless. Many of them are now learning how to ride a bicycle, crawl, walk, develop their cognitive skills. We are interested in scientific research on why we achieve so fast and great results when working with children. I think the answer is that the MNRI is aimed at and facilitates plasticity of the brain. I know this is the heart of this amazing programme.

Pamela Curlee, Speech Pathologist,
Denver, USA

We have only positive things to say about the camp and especially your efforts in organizing the camp. The only wish for “next time” is that (If possible) we prefer to work with therapists who can communicate in English.

Janne, Hanna and Åsa Pettersson